Canada is dropping gems left and right with the latest from Zeina and Eestbound. ‘Balloons’ co-produced by Eestbound and Germany’s CuBeatz features a bold bassline that’s bound to spark some sort of late night activity.

Lucky for you, below this SoundCloud link is an exclusive interview so you can to get to know more about the upcoming artist.

Who is Zeina? Not personally but musically. What do you aim to do as a musician? 

I’m a drink you’ve never tasted before. I want to combine jazz, trap, rock and poetry to create my sound. I don’t believe in boundaries.


When did you realize music was your thing?

Its always been my thing ever since I sang songs on the school bus in kindergarten.


What pushed you to finally follow your heart and get into music?

Attending my first semester of University and realizing I was a bag of chips in the fruit aisle.


Your song ‘Balloons’ is really metaphorical and the idea of it came from you being hit in the head by a balloon in the studio. Did you go to the studio that day with the intention to record a different song? If so, will we ever hear it?

Nothing was planned that night, the song was born from fun times. I was just passing by the studio and there were balloons on the floor and as everyone played with them one hit my head and sparked the idea for the hook. I wrote it down and built a song around it the day after. 🎈


“I’m a woman and I hustle hard yet some people still seem to think that it doesn’t add up…”

(via @Zeinamates on Twitter)

How did the collaboration between you, Eestbound and CuBeatz come along? The vibes had to have been crazy.

Let me just say the universe does a great job of aligning the stars. 💫 The night of the balloon attack Eestbound passed by the studio and as of then the music flourished. The day after I was recording balloons in his studio. Yes, the vibes were on another dimension, I really got to take in how creative and talented he is.


2 months ago there was ‘Trials.’ 2 weeks ago there was ‘Hit Me Up.’ Now ‘Balloons’—does this mean a full project is on its way?

There might be 🌟



Are there any artists you’re really looking forward to working with in the future?

I would really love to work with Tony Bennett 🙏🏽


What musicians inspire you?

Amy Whinehouse ✨


What’s your main goal for the rest of 2016?

Working on growing as an artist 🏋🏽


To keep up with the latest from Zeina, visit her SoundCloud.