Nobodies in Los Angeles is a fleeting title for The Classmatez latest drop.

From start to finish it’s a breath of the summertime air in LA. The imaginative lyrics couldn’t lay more perfectly across the beats executively produced by The Classmatez themselves. Lost in the new wave of today’s projects, cohesion is evident—from album cover, down to instrument use and all the way through to the last track. The first line of the album, “so I guess, this is the intro?” appears similarly on the last track “is this the last song?” Both tracks feature piano pieces that paint scenic images while keeping the nostalgic West Coast feel. If you’ve never been, four of your peers have taken it upon themselves to bless you with a West Coast experience.

The album seamlessly ties together pop, hip-hop and R&B vibes. Play the album all the way through whether you’re driving home from work or just need something to play while cleaning.

NILA Album CoverNobodies in LA Tracklist“If I told you, that I’m going a little bit crazy/would you meet me halfway?” -Asia, Nobodies in Los Angeles