Meet FLORES, Norway’s Rising Independent Prospect

Introducing FLORES.

With her newest single to date ‘Oceans’ gaining massive attention on the internet, boom staff takes a second to chat with the rising prospect out of Norway. We picked her brain on a few things, and her answers are nothing less than inspiring.


Describe that moment you knew music was what you wanted to professionally pursue.

It was 2011 and there was a death of a friend who was close to my age and I realized how short life is. Like how many dreams did they have, what were their life goals they’ll never get to achieve. I felt so deeply it seemed as though I had to honor my life by pursuing my dreams.

What/who inspired you most?

My mother, she’s a warrior. She was a 50yr old single mother, with two kids to feed. She didn’t settle working anywhere, she went back to high school got her diploma, went to college and had a great career. She’s a testament of “its never too late”. Sometimes I don’t know how she did it, but she did. Which always inspired me when times are tough.

Touch on one of your favorite songs you’ve written and recorded to date, and why?

Oceans, its just a song I wrote really close to the chest. It’s a personal song about my personal relationship. I wanted to pay respect to the pain by writing and singing it with beautiful vocal arrangements  despite the vulnerability behind it.Â

“Invest in yourself.

Be consistent.

Don’t ever stop.” –FLORES

What’s your biggest personal strength as an artist?

Determination. I’m just determined to make this happen. It’s gotta be my biggest strength to push myself when you feel like you’re not going where you wanna go.

What’s your creative process like?

I usually write on piano first, to get solid chords to follow, that’s how I begin. Then I’ll layer on Logic Pro like a beat or samples but general ideas to send over to Maths Time Joy. Many producers however send me beats and the lyrics either come or not but it takes time to like know whats right or wrong for the song.

How does it feel when you see your track ‘Oceans’ featured in publications like Wonderland Magazine and Notion Magazine?

Like Holy shit is that me?! I am so grateful for their feature. Because I really try not to have any expectations so I’m always so happy and grateful there are actually people that care and listen.

What inspired your music artwork? It’s really swanky.

Hehehe. It is. My label created the artwork for me, they ran a few ideas and this one was the most appropriate for the album. Especially because of my name Flores.

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 8.38.47 AM


Tell us what’s next on your agenda? Tour? New Video? Special features?

I’m working on the rest of my EP but will be preparing a visual soon for the next single. I am working with some other features including more with Maths Time Joy  for his next EP in the future. So theres definitely more going towards live shows soon but we are going to approach that when the EP is finished.Â

If you could do a record with anyone, (and we mean, anybody) who would it be, and why that person?

James Blake, I’m a huge huge huge fan. He’s incredible at what he does and he has his own definitive style and he’s so versatile in his work. It would be an honor.

Give aspiring artists (like yourself) your professional advice.

Set realistic goals, ie.) if you cant sing, don’t spend your life savings being a singer.

Invest in yourself.

Be consistent.

Don’t ever stop.

More music from FLORES? Right here.