Jim Caesar

Takes You

Straight To

The Zone

UK native, Jim Caesar brings you into his sonic universe with “Soul Purpose.”

Up to this point, this singer/songwriter has stayed relatively unknown. Now, Caesar breaks onto the scene in a fresh new way to find where his soul belongs. Synths, flutes and 808 drums create the soundscape, adding depth to the space. Layered vocals add texture to Ceasar’s voice, filling the vocal space as he travels from falsetto to a deep baritone and back again.

Immediately, Ceasar’s songwriting shines, vibing right along with the color of the track. But as the wave picks up, the true greatness of the tune comes from perfectly-timed chord changes, taking the record to new heights. Trust me when I say the song just doesn’t fade away no matter how many times you play it. So surely this won’t be the last time we’ll hear from the Jim Caesar.

Listen to “Soul Purpose” below.

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