Be thankful O innocent youth,

If a good girl never went bad

We would never have Jane.


Jane Macgizmo brings free energy back to her hometown of Kingston, Jamaica with “Babylon.” A reggae-infused R&B tune that makes you want to not only sing it word-for-word, but slow wine, boss up, and put it down in the sheets all in one sweep.

If you hate to draw comparisons, ignore the obvious similarities between Macgizmo and Rihanna. But maybe that comparison isn’t a bad thing. Think a blazed Rihanna, 2005 “Pon De Replay” era and fresh off the sweetest effects of a dime bag. You may imagine Macgizmo: a steady vocalist and a gifted songwriter with the style and grace to propel her to new heights.

When it vibes, it flows.

Above, listen to the “Babylon” audio. Below, full visuals.

If you like what you hear, you can purchase “Babylon” on iTunes.