The 'Sleven' EP
5.0The boom. Official Review.
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Washington D.C. based group, G.U.M.P. debuted ‘Sleven’, which premiered via Afropunk. Since then, nothing has been the same.

“Clocking in just under 14 minutes, ‘Sleven’ hits a mood, devastates and moves on to the next best thing.”

And honestly, that’s no lie. This record is pseudo N.E.R.D. meets J. Cole covering The Roots (lyrically and musically). Production is top notch while their song concepts take the listener on a journey they get lost in.

The ‘Sleven’ EP is the first of many to come from G.U.M.P. However, sonically –distinguished by the quad-group only. And for the record, this EP revitalizes the possibility that American-Independent music still has a chance to stay reputable.

‘Sleven’ EP is the first 5.o rating given by HYPEFRESH boom, and hailed an instant “Classic” by boom + hypefresh staff.